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High Pressure


With 21,000 watts of tanning power, this is our most powerful bed. The blue cobalt filters block out nearly 100% of the UVB rays, which are the burning rays. This bed uses a soft, comfortable mattress and is an excellent choice for all skin types.

High Pressure tanning is the most advanced way to tan due to the unique lamps that are used. These lamps produce UVA and UVB in different ratios than conventional tanning beds do. The High Pressure lamps produce much lower UVB content, which reduces the risk of burning, allowing your skin to maintain a normal 28-30 day exfoliation process. This is why average tans last 2-3 days while your Four Seasons tan can last much longer and up to 2 weeks. High Pressure beds will always have LARGE PURPLE SQUARE LAMPS and will produce a purple colored light. The only other type of lamps that exist are long white tubes.

Medium Pressure


11,000 watts of tanning power. This bed does not filter out the UVB rays like the High Pressure and is therefor recommended to those with an established base tan. Great for those needing to get dark fast.

Stand Up


8,000 watts of tanning power. Standing up enables you to achieve a more even tan because you aren't lying on a piece of acrylic. Great for getting those hard to reach areas. Recommended for those with an established base tan.



3,600 watts of tanning power. This bed has 10 more lamps than most conventional beds and is often used as a level two bed. This allows you to achieve a great tan with less time in the bed.

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