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Honey Gleam Cream™ is Devoted Creations youth boosting magic skin enhancing glowing skin tint! This revolutionary mega moisture mineral tanning mask works to perfect the skin’s surface, plump and hydrate with the use of Hyalufix™ and Vegan Collagen. Added Honey and Green Tea extracts work overtime to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also helping to block the skin from absorbing environmental stress and damage. Porcelain Flower and Electric Daisy work together to contour, perfect, and leave the skin with a crystal clear filtered appearance. This imperfection blurring and pore tightening formula combines Glucohami™ and GlowPlex™ to promote a luminous, dewy appearance to the skin while also tightening and toning for a lifted, poreless, superstar illuminated finish. Added tan enhancers help to prepare the skin for optimal light absorption, making this product a must have for anyone who lusts airbrush, iconic summer skin results anytime!

  • Airbrush Luminizing Mineral Moisture Mask
  • Glow Boosting Glowplex
  • Porcelain Flower
  • Antioxidant Rich 
  • Contouring & Blurring 
  • Hyaluronic Acid + HA producing Hyalufix™ 
  • Vegan Collagen 
  • Youth Boosting 
  • Pore tightening Honey
  • Multi-use formula 

Fragrance Hypnotic Honey 

Honey Gleam Cream

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