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Prepare to get dipped in pure luxury! Attain the premium glow you desire with the Liquid Illuminating Drops that impart a luminous, buildable highlight. Ultra-concentrated with multi-faceted pigment, the lightweight drops allow for a customizable, radiant glow. Your skin will be dripping in golden allure that will leave them all in a captivated daze. Release your inner goddess and glow on!

  • Designer Glow Complex features a concentrated blend of pigments to highlight skin with golden and opalescent hues for a gorgeous, radiant complexion 
  • Illuminating drops can be used alone or added to any lotion, making it an easy add-on to any sale
  • Plays on the trend of highlighting in the beauty industry and allows users to customize their glow by using their preferred amount for the perfect highlight just for them 
  • No Added Fragrance

Glow Daze

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